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Unique Approach

I have worked with Ann during both of my pregnancies and I found Ann’s  guidance be refreshingly unique. With both pregnancies, we did a mixture of email coaching, acupuncture and relaxation nidras / meditations together. These were targeted to my individual needs at the time.


Ann seemed very intuitive around what my needs were at each session, despite my own confusion about how I may have been feeling or what I may have needed at a particular time. She seemed to be able to sift through the mix of information I gave her, to find the kernel of what might help me, and this was expertly weaved in to the meditations we did together .

Supportive &Knowledgeable

During my first pregnancy, she was very supportive and understanding of a first time mother’s concerns. Her experience both as a practitioner and mother served to put me at my ease and helped with any questions I might have had. She was able to support/advise my husband and I with pain relief techniques for the labour.
 She was very knowledgeable about what my physical/emotional state might be at each stage of pregnancy.This extended beyond the run-of-the-mill advice one can access online / in books etc, it felt as though my babies and I were deeply understood at a non-verbal level, and that issues and anxieties I may have had were really met with genuine care. At all times I felt very confident in her and safe in her care.

Powerful & Effective

During both pregnancies what I found most helpful was the excellent mix of meditation and acupuncture. This left me very deeply relaxed and seemed to increase my confidence after each meditation. I was amazed at how powerful the nidras were and the effect they had on me. So much so that I can still vividly recall the 3 strongest ones – the physical effects of these and how they changed my outlook for the labour and birth.
 The vivid recollections of physical and emotional changes that took place in each session stayed with me between sessions and made me really look forward with interest and intrigue to the following appointment – to both discover what else may arise and also to re engage with the deep relaxation I felt.

My Story

In my second pregnancy, I was quite anxious about attending the hospital and not being able to labour and birth in water (as I had a previous home birth in water with the first). I had also become anxious towards the end, as I was overdue and was worried about induction etc.  Ann was sensitive around this issue and she did some meditations that allowed me to  address this fear at a very deep level.
On the day my baby came, she gave me a session of the needlenidra / acumeditation, which was very supportive and empowering. I felt a very definite shift in my perceptions after the visualisation. My labour started just after the session and was short and very manageable. Our baby came out 4 hours after the session in just a few pushes.


I was also fortunate enough to have Ann advise me on how best to use my placenta to greatest effects.  She was able to advise my husband what to do with it in the immediate stages after birth. She encapsulated it and presented them beautifully –  like a gift made by my baby and I to celebrate our journey together.  Ann advised me on how to take and store the capsules both after the birth and in the future.
The effects of taking them for the first six weeks were very positive for my energy and emotional wellbeing / hormonal balance  after the birth. They also helped with milk production, which was much increased compared to my first time around.

Loving Kindness

I count myself as being very lucky to have had Ann’s help before, during and after pregnancy and I can wholeheartedly recommend her as a wonderful and wise support at all stages. I loved every session!
Joan Harold,
Galway, Irelandjoan&elsie
Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed last night & got a lot out of it. I feel very relaxed in myself today..I’ve never gone so far into meditation/relaxation before. I had some lovely visualisations, but was wrecked afterwards & slept really well. I’ll keep dancing….
Ennis, Co. Clare