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Who Am I?

Great Expectations

The greatest and steepest learning curve in my life was each of my five pregnancies. For me, becoming pregnant was a huge awakening to myself and the world around me. Truthfully, my first pregnancy was neither particularly enjoyable or easy for me. I felt physically awful a lot of the time, and I struggled through most of the process. My body felt like an out of control science experiment.  As a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) I was hyper aware of every inward sensation. Emotionally: lets just say uncharted territory.  Plus I was shit-scared about having a baby and becoming someone’s mother. Looking back, I’m grateful to have gone through it all. It was the making of me.

Destination Motherhood!

I learned how strong and resourceful I can be and so much more. Plus I had the payoff of a gorgeous healthy baby. I came out the other end so transformed and enriched that I went ahead and did it four more times. Five babies in ten years. Now I think of it as my own personal odyssey.

The Great Adventure

Finding and keeping a life partner- living in one place- raising children- is not rare or unusual by any means. But on the other hand, it’s your one wild & precious life and its not ordinary. Can I let you in on a secret?  If you keep your eyes and your ears open and you stay quiet, alert and pay close attention: what the world calls ‘settling down’   having and growing babies-can be the greatest adventure of all.

Why me?

While I can’t claim to have ‘bloomed’  throughout my pregnancies, I can turn my struggles to your advantage. I’ve been on a quest to absorb as much as I could, to get me through each pregnancy. I know, I know, I said whatever I was looking for was right there all along, and it was. And it is for you too, I promise. But it really helps to know what questions to ask yourself.

By nature & training I’m a researcher and information gatherer. Which is fine if it means getting a couple of books from the library – not so easy if it involves 50 million + hits on Google? So what I’ve done is sift through a shed load of information, toss out the crap, keep the good stuff and figure out what helps. I also  put my own twist on things, thanks to my personal experience & learning (did I mention qualifications in acupuncture & various holistic & birth related therapies )

When I first saw the two lines on the test stick, within a day or two, I went, as was my usual habit, to get a book or three, on the topic. On the appropriate shelf in the bookshop  (once I glanced furtively around to make sure no one spotted me), one book was predominant in the display, front and centre. I expect you know the one I’m talking about. Its been on the bestseller list for years and years, its almost the default purchase for newly pregnant women. I almost recoiled away from it. I had no idea why, but it instinctively had no appeal to me.

It took me a while to realize why. I didn’t want to ‘do’ pregnancy like everyone else. In the same way I planned my career and my wedding and my house, I wanted this to be MY thing. (Well our thing, but my husband is a backseat kind of guy for this stuff).

I did not want to have a generic pregnancy, and if you’ve read this far, neither do you.

Random Stuff

I’m always sincere, but seldom as serious as I look.

I’m entitled to Irish, UK and US citizenship.

I live in the West of Ireland, with my husband and four young daughters & son, known by some as Collickadip, Smoosahaun, BoBo, Boodle Beetle Bum & Danzer.

My Dream Team to guide my life includes Christiane Northrup, Bruce Springsteen, John O’Donohue, my daughters & Ma Walton.

I was once greeted as ‘Are you the woman who has all the children?’ I was so not impressed.

My youngest daughter has just flooded the bathroom floor while I was busy writing this.

How can I help you?

I’ve thought a lot about pregnancy, maybe more than most.

I’ve felt it, as much as anyone.

I’ve lived it. I’ve experienced the ordinary and the extraordinary. I’ve lived it.

I’m a  good travelling companion and sherpa for this particularly female adventure;  maybe a little bit further up the road than you are right now, with some really good tips on little known sights hidden down back lanes that aren’t in many guidebooks.
I’d love to share your pregnancy journey with you.

In fact, I’d be honoured.
As you wish,
Ann McMahon